Intermediate/Advanced Exercises

Celeste demonstrates exercises that pose greater challenges for balance and coordination, increasing bone strength, and helping reduce risk for falls. Includes Floor Work. Do the exercises separately or as a full program. Every day or just three times a week! Have fun and MOVE STRONG!

Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG is a nationally-recognized joyful fitness/education fall prevention program that helps keep older adults active and safe in their homes and communities. In addition to making the program available to the public via DVDs, the program conducts classes, offers workshops, trains facilities to implement its program, and distributes its DVDs to insurance companies, alert systems, and hospitals. It also licenses content to a nationwide adaptive computer system.

The Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG™ program is featured in Martha Stewart’s newly published book “Living the Good Long Life,” the program has been tested at the Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mt. Sinai Hospital, and it is doctor recommended.

Get started today with this advanced video workout.