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Ready to take on a healthier lifestyle?

Start where you are and MOVE! Our classes are for everyBODY, wherever you are. All levels and abilities. Our innovative approach combines strength, balance, cardio, functional fitness, nutrition and mindfulness.



Experience it all as you choose from a variety of exercise videos that range from beginner to advanced. Short or longer workouts are offered that are simple, effective and evidence-based, combining the art of dance movement and the science of kinesiology. The goal is to build your strength and balance while becoming confident in your body one video at a time.

Tips & Strategies

Tips & Strategies

Fall-proof your life with helpful tips and strategies for what you can do to prevent and stop a fall. Whether you’re running errands, taking leisurely strolls, or simply moving through daily life, equip yourself with knowledge on how to prevent a fall. Move safe and feel confident! You can do it, you’ve got this!


Mindful Meditation

Treat yourself to some ‘me time’ with the healing power of mindful meditation! Take a break from your hectic schedule and nurture your mind, body and soul with a journey of self-care. Recharge your energy reserves, renew your spirit, and come out feeling more alive – you deserve it!


Simple Nutrition tips

A strong mind and body go hand in hand! Unlock your potential with these easy-to-follow nutrition tips for a healthier, happier YOU.

Ready to take on a healthier lifestyle?

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