Organize Your Body

2 Beginner Steps to Great Posture

Daily I find myself imploring my Fallstoppers (class participants) to “Organize Your Body!” To help explain what I mean, I ask them to imagine each of their bodies as a tree moving through space. Each tree has a strong trunk that supports its branches. The trunk is strong core muscles. With the support of a strong trunk one is far less prone to dangerous winds and unpredictable conditions.

Two Steps to organizing your body:

STEP ONE: Stand strong, your feet parallel, shoulder width apart. Wiggle your toes in your shoes and spread the toes wide, feeling the feet firmly placed on the ground. Travel up the body. Feel the legs solid and strong underneath you, the pelvic and abdominal area engaged, your chest open, your shoulders lengthening back. Your neck is long; the top of your head is reaching to the ceiling.

STEP TWO: Take in some deep breaths and feel your body upright. Become aware of the energy flowing in your body. Now imagine the body moving as one piece, instead of various body parts working independently. It’s a challenge, but be mindful to breathe fully.

Organizing the body allows you to recalibrate, to return to the most natural/original alignment and good posture. Once you begin to feel your body better organized, many aches and pains attributed to poor alignment have a way of working themselves out. I have seen so many neck, shoulder, hip and knee problems resolve naturally when the body is properly organized.

The other day in class a woman raised her hand and said, “I think of myself as an incredibly organized person: my files, my accounts, my closets, etc., but now I realize that physically, I’m not organized at all. Now I’m working on that part of my life every day.”

When you begin to move like a strong beautiful tree through space, you begin to feel the power of your own energy. We may not enjoy the longevity of one of the oldest trees, but emulating one may bring us many more years of physical joy.