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A third of older adults over the age of 65 will fall in any year.

–AUDREY K. CHUN, MD, The Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mt. Sinai Hospital


Fall Prevention and Strengthening Program

Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG™ is a nationally recognized joyful fitness/education fall prevention program that helps keep older adults active and safe in their homes and communities. Developed in New York City, FSMS is evidence-based and doctor-recommended; its research was conducted by The Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mt. Sinai Hospital. The FSMS program targets all major muscle groups, increasing strength and improving flexibility, reflexes and balance. Participants gain vitality and confidence. FSMS conducts classes, offers workshops, trains facilities to implement its program, and distributes its DVDs to insurance companies, alert systems, and hospitals. It also licenses its content to a nationwide adaptive computer system — all to reduce health care costs and the risk of falls in the 60+ population.

  • Participants: 215 participants; 4 sites
  • Ages: 60+ (av. 78.9), 81% female
  • Falls Risk:
    • Forward Functional Reach Test (FR):
      • Score of <6″ = significant increased risk for falls
      • Score of 6-10″ = moderate risk for falls
      • Score of >10″ = adequate functional balance
    • Timed Up & Go (TUG): ≥ 12 seconds to complete = high risk
    • 4 Step Square (4SS): > 15 seconds = at risk – multiple falls
  • Falls History & Confidence: Self Report
  • Modified Falls Efficacy Scale (MFES): > 8 = no fear of falling
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Celeste Carlucci, Founder

Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG™ founder Celeste Carlucci is a fitness and wellness expert and former professional dancer based in New York City. She received her dance training at The Alvin Ailey School of Dance and alignment training from specialist Zena Rommett. She has performed nationally and internationally as a dancer with many notable choreographers, among them Bob Fosse.

For over thirty years, Celeste has taught movement and full body strengthening, providing individual attention to address specific needs and ensure that all exercises are performed for maximum benefit. Her background in dance equips her to focus on correct alignment, posture, and the joy of movement.

Celeste conducts live and online classes, offers certification workshops, and trains facilities to implement the licensed FSMS program nationwide. Her video content is also available nationwide via digital health networks.

She is an active member of the New York City Falls Prevention Coalition.

Celeste Carlucci

The Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG™ Program is one great example of ways our patients can be proactive about decreasing their risk for falls. They can improve their balance, their strength and improve confidence so they don’t have a fear of falling. It can improve their diabetes control, it can help them with their blood pressure control, help them with their cholesterol just by increasing their physical activity. Our patients have benefitted tremendously from the FSMS Program.”

–AUDREY K. CHUN, MD, The Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mt. Sinai Hospital

I frequently recommend the Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG program to my patients who have balance issues, are at risk for a fall, or simply want to increase their bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporotic fractures. The Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG balance and strength program helps one get fit, move with confidence, and reduce the risk of falling.


I regularly recommend Celeste Carlucci and her Fall Stop…Move Strong program to my patients for strengthening and balance. Whatever their level of fitness, patients praise Celeste’s attention to their individual needs and are enthusiastic about the benefits they receive. Everyone, without exception, who has attended Celeste’s Fall Stop…Move Strong program has been very grateful for the experience.

—ELLEN BLYE, MD, Weill Cornell Medicine

Six months of Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG have so radically improved my physical well being in balance, movement, body alignment and resulting confidence that I marvel at the change. Others in the class have referred to Celeste as their “Goddess”- I enthusiastically join their rants. To be specific: I no longer must clutch subway stair bannisters moving up and down, and can climb, reach and move with much greater ease. Of course, as a 74 year old diagnosed with arthritis and severe osteoporosis I am still cautious – But so much happier since participating in Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG.


I cannot tell you how much of an imprint you made upon my psyche in only an hour. I am in Florida and was out for a walk this morning early. I think about you almost every step I take! I stand up straighter. For some reason my balance seems so much better and I am trying to look out a little more than I did without becoming stoop shouldered. So all in all I am so happy to report to you all this. I know that is what you like to hear and makes it all worth it from your end. I am playing golf, shooting, and feel better about going to Costa Rica with my family which was making me apprehensive. I hope that you are well and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes it just clicks!!!!!


Just a note to thank you for giving me back my life!
This may sound dramatic, but after many falls because of poor balance, I had really done a job when I broke my elbow about 1-1/2 years ago. A year before that, I broke my foot in a fall. I was sent to physical therapy for balance, which was good, but not enough. I was also gaining weight from doing very little except elbow exercises. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. Then I heard about Fall Stop…Move Strong at the Manhattan JCC. My daughter encouraged me to try it and I started in the beginner’s group. “This was hard,” I thought, but your encouragement, and cheerful, caring attitude kept me going. I am happy to say I “graduated” to the intermediate group and love it.  More importantly, I love the results.  I do the elliptical machine outside of class, but it is you who keeps me in shape. I love you for it. My goal was to lose 20 pounds and be in shape to dance at a very meaningful wedding that was this past Saturday.  I am ecstatic to say I danced for 5 hours with very little sitting down. As I danced, I kept thinking of how we step over imaginary suitcases and do all the leg and thigh exercises.  It all worked and I am beginning to feel even better than my old self – Thank God! see my balance getting better and better.


Thank G-d for your class. We were able to walk to the top and down and had great stamina and energy. Thanks!! This is quite a NY destination. Hudson Yards, A City within the City.


Walking on ice for 7 days and knowing how to stop was great.” – on a trip to see the Northern Lights in Norway.

—LOUISE M. (80)

It was a beautiful Saturday night-sky. I went outside for stargazing and was in a rush. I did not wait for my eyes to adapt to night vision. I kicked a stone, it kicked me back – well a balancing act from right to left foot, like a strange dance – maybe hip-hop. Anyhow I did not fall down!!! Thank you.


There is never time after class, but you should know that if I’m looking stronger it’s because–in the endless hours I spend on buses and subways and waiting for buses and trains I keep hearing you say: “organize your body!” So I straighten up. And the result is that my back has gotten strong enough for me to make the trip to and from my son in Wisconsin without the lumbar cushion I used for several years. Equinox helps, but the real difference is what you’ve taught me. I’m really grateful for your good work.


The exercises and the positive feedback you give to your classes not only reduces the fear of falling but has made me physically and mentally stronger. All this helps me live a fuller and happier life. An excellent side effect is that one need not concentrate on falling but on what the individual can do to help themselves become confident and relaxed in their body movement. I wish to thank you, your colleagues and all the people who generously donate their time, money and expertise so this program can exist.


Three years ago I fell, cracked three ribs, and leaked air from my left lung. At age 72, I unexpectedly joined the third of adults over age 65 who fall every year. Severe falls leave not only physical damage but psychological scars too. You become fearful because you don’t want to suffer a fall like that again. I did not want to limit my mobility and knew I had better do something to decrease my chances of falling. Help turned out to be nearby. I started taking an exercise and fitness program “Fall Stop…Move Strong” in my New York City community. It emphasizes just what I needed, good posture by strengthening the muscles of the core and improving my balance. When you find a suitable program, stick to it long term.


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