Organize Your Body: 2 Beginner Steps to Great Posture


Organize Your Body 2 Beginner Steps to Great Posture Daily I find myself imploring my Fallstoppers (class participants) to “Organize Your Body!” To help explain what I mean, I ask them to imagine each of their bodies as a tree moving through space. Each tree has a strong trunk that supports its branches. The trunk is strong core muscles. With the support of a strong trunk one is far less prone to dangerous winds and unpredictable conditions. Two Steps to organizing your body: STEP ONE: Stand strong, your feet parallel, shoulder width apart. Wiggle your toes in your shoes [...]

Organize Your Body: 2 Beginner Steps to Great Posture2023-04-12T09:49:33-04:00

Overhead Press


Overhead Press Exercise Use the Overhead Press for building muscle to strengthen the shoulders, improve posture, and protect against injuries, increasing benefits by using neoprene coated dumbbells. […]

Overhead Press2019-07-19T20:40:55-04:00
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