Annual Trainer Certification

One of our most well attended programs. FallStop is going strong. Even in bad weather we get a large crowd of 15-20 people most days. They are doing the more advanced level and there is a large age diversity in the group.

Director, NYC Co-Op Village NORC

The classes have been going well. The format I use is to first do the Fall Stopper exercises with the class, then take them into the hallway to do agility walks together. The improvement is fantastic…as seen when we perform the post Functional Reach Test…the average improvement in 10 weeks is 4-6 inches!

Recreation Director, Ridge Oak Senior Housing

We are having a great time with the FSMS Program exercises. We have 3 classes a week, M-W-F. The residents are excited, serious, confident, eager to learn and share. Attendance is great, 15 to 25. They are utilizing their benefits and have created a social group that is so much fun!

Recreation Wellness Coordinator, Westminster, TX

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