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I regularly recommend Celeste Carlucci and her Fall Stop…Move Strong program to my patients for strengthening and balance. Whatever their level of fitness, patients praise Celeste’s attention to their individual needs and are enthusiastic about the benefits they receive. Everyone, without exception, who has attended Celeste’s Fall Stop…Move Strong program has been very grateful for the experience.
—ELLEN BLYE, MD, Weill Cornell Medicine

—AUDREY K. CHUN, MDMount Sinai

I frequently recommend the Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG program to my patients who have balance issues, are at risk for a fall, or simply want to increase their bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporotic fractures. Those patients who become Fall Stop program participants love it and enjoy the benefits without feeling like they’re taking their medicine. This program reinforces my firm belief that prevention is key to staying well. The Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG balance and strength program helps one get fit, move with confidence, and reduce the risk of falling.

I received your info and video from Margot G. I work as a physical therapist at a small outpatient clinic. I have been working with Margot since her surgery. She is so incredibly strong and has had an amazing recovery. She attributes her speedy progress to your program. She feels your balance work had made the biggest difference of all. We have many patients that could benefit from your program and/or videos. Your instructions are so concise & clear, the exercises are perfect.

Partner with Fall Stop

The Many Benefits of Fall Prevention

For over 15 years we have been bringing outstanding value and satisfaction to our members. By partnering with Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG, you have the opportunity to change lives and make a lasting impact on your community. Senior Care Facilities and Community Programs see the results of the program every day. Partner with us and see the results for yourself.

Please contact us if your organization would like to partner with Fall Stop.

Reduce Risk of Injury Related Death

Fall can happen at any age, but according to the CDC falls among adults aged 65 and older are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries.

Proven strategies include nutrition, gait and balance assessment, strength and balance exercises, and medication review. While a diet rich in vitamin D, calcium and protein can boost fall prevention, as can staying mentally engaged, exercise is key in preventing fall-related hazards.

Reasons for the effectiveness of exercise include its impact on changes such as severe declines in muscle mass known as sarcopenia. A comprehensive study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that exercise alone reduces the risk of falls in older adults by an average of 21 percent and working out for more than three hours per week resulted in an impressive 39 percent reduction in falls.

As more data accumulates, the benefits are clear. Regular exercise saves lives.

Exercise Helps Maintain Independence

Exercise offers many benefits, including a healthier heart, stronger bones and improved flexibility. For seniors, regular exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases, lowers the chance of injury and improves emotional well-being.

For its positive impact on maintaining independence, regular exercise helps maintain a healthy muscle mass. As an essential contributor to balance and bone strength, muscle mass keeps us strong. Without it, our mobility and independence become compromised.

Regular exercise by seniors may also decrease the time it takes for a wound to heal and a strong body can better fight off infection and makes recovery from illness or injury easier. According to the National Institute of Aging, exercising as a senior may delay or even prevent diseases like diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart disease and osteoporosis.

The psychological benefits of exercise also contribute to maintaining independence. New studies have found that seniors who exercise improve not only their physical fitness but experience psychological benefits as well, helping alleviate symptoms of depression and improving mood in general.

Benefits of an Active Social Life

Healthy relationships are important for every stage of life, but for seniors the importance of socialization cannot be overemphasized. Consistent social engagement keeps older adults mentally, physically and emotionally fit and helps fend off the difficulties common to isolation. Being connected to family, friends and community makes our lives feel more meaningful and enjoyable.

Benefits include:

  • Lower Stress and Anxiety. Active older adults handle stress better, leading to important improvements in cardiovascular health and a stronger immune system. 
  • Improved Physical fitness. Older adults with an active social life are more likely to exercise regularly, leading to a variety of physical, mental and cognitive benefits. 
  • Enhanced self-esteem. Regular socialization helps seniors maintain their self-esteem and sense of worth. 
  • Longer lifespan. High levels of socialization help increase longevity. 
  • Reduced Risk for Depression. Consistent socialization reduces the likelihood that seniors will experience the depression associated with isolation and loneliness. 

Making a Difference!

As you head into the homestretch of your life, the best thing you can do for your body is take a FallStop course. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have discovered this program. It has significantly improved the quality of my life.


I’ve been referring clients to Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG™ for years. It’s the go-to program for balance and strength.


I was thoroughly delighted with and highly recommend the Level 1 Training for Fall Stop/MOVE STRONG™.  While my goal is to bring the full program to Brooklyn, NY, my immediate result was to incorporate aspects of the program into my personal training and pilates sessions as most of my clients are in their 60s or 70s.  This program is a MUST for Boomers!


The training more than met my expectations- I learned so much in a very short time.


Training was not only helpful but fun. Thank you.


Amazing- I feel very prepared and just want to practice.


It surpassed my expectations in terms of detail provided and knowledge gained.


Great course- participating in the FSMS community class was very helpful! I look forward to getting started.

I feel better after each and every class.

I haven’t fallen once since I started taking class and I know exactly what to do if I should happen to fall.

I am more mindful of safety in my daily life.

Celeste is a wonderful teacher with a good sense of humor.

We are having a great time with the Fall Stop Move Strong Program. We have 3 classes a week and the residents love it!

My balance has improved…a lot!