Wake-Up Fall in Your 60s

By Celeste Carlucci
Posted to: The Huffington Post

Experiencing a fall in your 60s can be an early wake up call. It can alert you to acknowledge and address some of the changes your body is undergoing. Maybe your balance, hearing or vision has begun to decline, or overall physical strength has decreased. Cognitively, perhaps you have slowed; you find it more difficult to multitask, to do more than one thing at a time. A new medication might be increasing your risk of a fall. If you’re faced with any of these issues, you should consult your doctor.

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Everyday Moves: 6 Easy Routines for Strength and Balance

REPRINT: Senior Planet: Aging with Attitude
AUTHOR: Jill Caryl Weiner
DATE: September 27, 2013

Moving through our days gets harder as we age. Bending and stretching, stepping off curbs, even navigating the furnishings in a room – many of us don’t perform these movements as efficiently or gracefully when we’re older, and some of us end up hurting ourselves. We might even fall.

But with the right exercises, you can protect your body and enjoy moving more.

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Martha Stewart’s New Book

Living the Good Long Life by Martha Stewart

We’re excited to announce that Martha Stewart’s newest book “Living The Good Long Life” has just been released and FallStop is honored to be a contributor to Chapter Two: Healthy Fitness, as well as Chapter Seven: Healthy Home. Be sure to pick up a copy! In it is our exercises and tips.