Our Program

Fall Prevention and Strengthening Program

Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG™ is a nationally recognized joyful fitness/education fall prevention program that helps keep older adults active and safe in their homes and communities. Developed in New York City, FSMS is evidence-based and doctor-recommended; its research is conducted by The Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mt. Sinai Hospital. The FSMS program targets all major muscle groups, increasing strength and improving flexibility, reflexes and balance. Participants gain vitality and confidence. FSMS conducts classes, offers workshops, trains facilities to implement its program, and distributes its DVDs to insurance companies, alert systems, and hospitals. It also licenses its content to a nationwide adaptive computer system — all to reduce health care costs and the risk of falls in the 60+ population.

  1. Pre- and post-evaluation for fall risk.
  2. Attention to individual needsfor mobility and safe performance of activities inside and outside the home.
  3. Simulation of environmental hazards experienced in everyday situations.
  4. Safety strategies for managing everyday situations.
  5. Graduated Exercise Programs with a special emphasis on (re)awakening the joy of movement through strengthening, coordination, flexibility, and balance.