May 12-13, 2017 | New York City

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The classes have been going well. The format I use is to first do the Fall Stopper exercises with the class, then take them into the hallway to do agility walks together. The improvement is fantastic…as seen when we perform the post Functional Reach Test…the average improvement in 10 weeks is 4-6 inches!
Recreation Director, Ridge Oak Senior Housing

Director, NORC Program at the Ed Alliance, NYC

We are having a great time with the FSMS Program exercises. We have 3 classes a week, M-W-F. The residents are excited, serious, confident, eager to learn and share. Attendance is great, 15 to 25. They are utilizing their benefits and have created a social group that is so much fun!
Recreation Wellness Coordinator, Westminster, TX

Class Participant, NORC Program, NYC

JOIN FITNESS EXPERT Celeste Carlucci and Physical Therapist Caroline Woodard for a two-day training workshop where you will receive step-by-step instructions for managing your own fall prevention program using the evidence-based, doctor-recommended, 10-week Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG™ method.


Certification qualifies you to set up and conduct Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG™ beginner classes for older adults in your community, collect data to demonstrate effectiveness, and market your program as approved by Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG™ for a one-year term, renewed annually. You will learn how to create your own business, establish a profitable fee structure, and acquire needed insurance. Upon certification and payment of the first annual licensing fee, you will receive marketing through the FSMS website as well as email support.

Pre-requisites for the Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG™ instructor certification include experience, education and certifications as a dancer, fitness trainer, OT, PT, recreation therapist, or other relevant discipline. Contact us for more details.

Workshop participants who successfully complete the Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG™ Certification Program receive:

  • Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG™ DVD
  • Professionally-designed class handouts
  • Music suggestions for class
  • Information on data collection
  • Research to demonstrate effectiveness

NASM Approved Provider


1:30pm – 6:30pm

Introduction, history, philosophy, and guidelines

EDUCATION PROGRAM: Fall risk factors and strategies

RESEARCH RESULTS: Data collection and management


10:00am – 3:00pm

EXERCISE PROGRAM: Breakdown and modifications

Setting up your own program

EDUCATION FINAL EXAM: Falls risk factors

EDUCATION FINAL EXAM: Teaching and strategies

Only a few spots left. Register today!